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Heat transfer and ventilation studies

  • Comparative energy-supply balance and renewable energy feasibility.
  • Equipment sizing and energy-consumption optimisation.
  • Investigation of passive or low-energy air-conditioning.
  • Best strategies for summer thermal comfort and natural lighting.
  • Mechanical or natural ventilation for large spaces.

Advising on environmental quality for building design

  • Defining the building owner’s objectives, budget and priorities.
  • Validating or optimising architectural choices such as façades, materials and construction processes through energy and life-cycle analyses.
  • Guaranteeing thermal and visual comfort with minimum energy input, through transient system simulations and natural light modelling.
  • Validating design choices through a total cost approach.
  • Mobilising all involved parties to ensure that environmental goals and requirements are met during building construction and use.

Monitoring environmental performance of in-use building

  • Commissioning technical systems upon building completion and one year after handover in accordance with BREEAM and LEED criteria, or without certification.
  • Helping end-users to operate their facilities: advice and assistance regarding maintenance, servicing and choosing operators, etc.
  • Monitoring energy-use in the building: BMS and meters checking, dashboards implementing, energy-performance recommendations and follow-up.
  • Raising users’ awareness, through building user guide, satisfaction survey, newsletters, etc.

All of these services are compatible with existing French (HQE®) and international (LEED®, BREEAM®, MINERGIE®) third-party certifications.
Since August 2010, ETAMINE's staff includes several accredited BREEAM assessors. As such, we can certify construction and renovation projects for office buildings, retail spaces and industrial sites.


Etamine can also provide you with customised professional training. For more information, please contact: formation at etamine.coop

Our main tools

  • TRNSYS: Transient System Simulation
    (Building envelope and HVAC systems)
  • TRNFLOW: airflow simulation in buildings
  • FLUENT: 3D resolution of fluid dynamic equations
  • URBAWIND: wind modelling in urban areas
  • RADIANCE: daylight and artificial lighting calculations
  • ARCHIWIZARD: solar irradiance studies
  • PHPP: calculations for passive building projects
  • CLIMAWIN: energy calculations according to French
    building thermal regulations

ETAMINE also has many measurement devices for complete building monitoring when required (e.g. recording temperatures, humidity, air quality, air velocity, illumination, heat transfer and electric energy consumption).

Our software programmes are BIM-compatibles.

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