building environmental design teams in two locations

Since 1999, Etamine has helped building owners and contractors in designing and executing innovative projects featuring excellent indoor air quality and low environmental impact construction. After operating out of Lyon for 12 years, another office was opened in Paris in January 2011.

Heat transfer and ventilation studies:

  • Comparative energy-supply balance and renewable energy feasibility.
  • Equipment sizing and energy-consumption optimisation.
  • Investigation of passive or low-energy air-conditioning.
  • Best strategies for summer thermal comfort and natural lighting.
  • Mechanical or natural ventilation for large spaces.

Advising on high environmental quality for building design:

  • Defining the building owner’s objectives, budget and priorities.
  • Validating or optimising architectural choices such as façades, materials and construction processes through energy and life-cycle analyses.
  • Guaranteeing thermal and visual comfort with minimum energy input, through transient system simulations and natural light modelling.
  • Validating design choices through a total cost approach.
  • Mobilising all involved parties to ensure that environmental goals and requirements are met during building construction and use.

Monitoring environmental performance of in-use building:

  • Commissioning technical systems upon building completion and one year after handover in accordance with BREEAM and LEED criteria, or without certification.
  • Helping end-users to operate their facilities: advice and assistance regarding maintenance, servicing and choosing operators, etc.
  • Monitoring energy-use in the building: BMS and meters checking, dashboards implementing, energy-performance recommendations and follow-up.
  • Raising users’ awareness, through building user guide, satisfaction survey, newsletters, etc.

All of these services are compatible with existing French (HQE®) and international (LEED®, BREEAM®, MINERGIE®) third-party certifications.
Since August 2010, ETAMINE's staff includes several accredited BREEAM assessors. As such, we can certify construction and renovation projects for office buildings, retail spaces and industrial sites.

Photo: JM Liot Working together with the nature

The Ecological Footprint measures the planet area required by each inhabitant to fulfil his or her energy, food and heath needs. Mankind has always wanted to conquer and dominate nature, without considering the long term consequences. If everybody’s consumption would be as high as it is in France, it would take at least three planets to ensure sustainability. Therefore, there is a necessity for each one to limit his or her needs. Our planet is not merely a cake to be fairly shared between all of its inhabitants; it is also a living system which constantly seeks its balance.

This statement "Working together with nature", indicates that ETAMINE tries to adopt a more sensible attitude: to live in harmony with nature and to simply cooperate with it. Thus, we work for the implementation of a new world that is not only sustainable, but better for all.



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10 500 m² positive energy office building in Carré de Soie, at Vaulx en Velin, near Lyons

VEOLIA headquarters

Ministère de la Défense

Roland Garros Stadium: assisting the contracting authority in sustainably upgrading the stadium in compliance with BREEAM tailored criteria

International School, St Genis Pouilly: a ”true” energy-positive conception (energy production covering services and operational energy demand)

Etamine involved in the environmental aspect of the refurbishment and extension of the Great Hôtel Dieu in Lyon

56 dwellings at Lyon Confluence – Rhône alpes 2008 Prebat graduated: building-use follow-up

Optimisation of the operating and maintenance costs for the new thermal establishment in Ballaruc-les-Bains

Vinatier hospital – psychatric Centre in Bron: French certification HQE and label BBC (low energy consumption) obtained

A net zero energy primary and secondary school: the school Chengdu in Montpellier

D2 Tower at La Défense

Cultural centre Marcel Berger in Lons-le-Saunier

EditorialPublished 29/03/2016

Etamine Paris’ office has moved!

We are pleased to inform you that after 4 years spent in the 13th district, the Parisian office of Etamine confirms the success of its establishment in this area. It opens some new perspective for the 10 co-workers of the Parisian team that welcomes you from now on the “25 rue de la ...

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ETAMINE’s training programme!

In 2014, ETAMINE is offering to share its know-how through specialised training in environmental building design. Contact us at for information about our training programme, which will also be available online soon.

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News Published 11/09/2015

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Download ShadeUp!

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